A Monroe County non-profit for your help to protect a teeny tiny reptile.

Officials say the bog turtle is North America's smallest turtle. It only grows to about 4.5 inches long. It's mainly found in the northeast, but the population is dwindling due to habitat fragmentation and the destruction of wetlands. Local land owners could play a critical role in helping the population thrive once again.

"Most of the land here in Monroe County is still held by private land owners. So, if land owners can look into options for preserving their land in perpetuity that's the best way to protect the bog turtle," Alexander Jackson, Brodhead Watershed Association Executive Director, said.

If you see a bog turtle you're asked not to touch it. However, you are encouraged to take a photo of the reptile and send it to the Brodhead Watershed Association so they can keep track of where they are and study their habitat.