The FBI estimates there are 750 thousand adults online daily seeking to have sex with children.

That was just one of the statistics mentioned today at a special presentation on "Protecting Children From Sexual Abuse." Pike County parents and residents were invited to attend at the McAteer and Will Real Estate Office in Milford. The goal is to bring awareness and offer prevention tips.

Guest Speaker Yolanda Goldsack says, "No need to be afraid to talk about this because you can certainly do it in age appropriate ways depending on the age of the child, but it is something that is so necessary to speak about now when we’re in the age of computers and cellphones, it’s just another arsenal in their weapon and we need to take that away from them."

For tools on how to talk with your kids-- just go to Goldsack's website "Spotty Mcgoo and Friends." There you'll also find YouTube videos with puppets suitable for young children.