It takes more than food and fuel to make Monroe County Meals On Wheels go. And with more clients coming in weekly, there aren't enough volunteers to go around. News13's Nicole Walters tells us how easy it is to help...

Monroe County Meals On Wheels Volunteer Lauren Geist says, "It’s a sacrifice of our time but it’s a blessing for others, and in return I think they have seen that we are also blessed."

That’s the lesson Geist hopes her kids are learning delivering for Monroe County Meals On Wheels. Her family moved to the Poconos about two years ago and she wanted to get involved in the local community.

Geist says, "I drove past, saw the volunteer sign and thought I think that’s something that I could do with the kids. Because I have three little ones, six, four and two."

Their route is once a week and takes about an hour and a half.

Geist says, "The staff here is amazing. They’re super flexible. The first time that I called, I was also wondering would this even work for our situation."

Her family’s time is needed even more right now and is making a bigger difference than Geist may even realize. The nonprofit is seeing a great influx in new clients.

Special Events Coordinator Stacey Koeck of Monroe County Meals On Wheels says, "We’re averaging an additional five to 10 clients a week. I think we have five new clients coming on this week, which is tremendous. We’re already up around 250."

Those in charge are worried they won’t have enough volunteers to keep taking on more seniors and homebound resident.

Koeck says,  "We’ve had several volunteers, you know now that all the Covid restrictions aren’t in place, they’re going away for the winter and we have a real shortage."

Even volunteering as little as once a month would help the situation. If you’re interested in delivering, just contact Monroe County Meals On Wheels.