The community is coming together for a severely injured Monroe County firefighter. He got hurt at the scene of a Christmas Eve fire in the West End.

The bad news is the Kunkletown volunteer remains in critical condition and has not regained consciousness.

But the community is full of hope and prayers for his recovery as they gathered today to try to help.

There was a blood drive held in his honor today in Eldred Township.

Effort Resident Linda Koehler says, "When this cry came out for blood in his name, it was like a no brainer. I just wanted to do something to help.

Donor slots for today’s blood drive at the Kunkletown Firehouse quickly filled up. We’re told rolling up their sleeves was the least they could do for the guy who over the past 30 years always answers the call for families in need.

Ross Township Resident Helen Sabo says, "He’ll take the shirt off his back to help anybody if they need it. He’s just a great guy. And my heart is heartbroken that he’s going through this."

That’s exactly how Kunkletown Volunteer Lieutenant Kyle Frable originally got injured on Christmas Eve.

Kunkletown Fire Chief Brian Stankovoich explains, "He was actually in church with his family for Christmas Eve when the call came in. He actually left church to come out and get the fire truck to and go help us on scene."

The lieutenant was fighting a house fire in Ross Township when a fire hose hit him causing multiple fractures to his pelvis.

Stankovoich explains, "The hose jumped up and took his leg out from underneath him which bent his leg back so it’s not something that’s typical but the dangers of using high pressure hose lines off a fire pump house, it can happen at any time."

On New Year’s Day Frable then went into cardiac arrest while staying at his mother’s house for recovery.

Stankovoich says, "He was transported by ground to Lehigh Valley Pocono Hospital and then ultimately Medevac to Lehigh Valley Hospital Cedar Crest where he underwent several hours of surgery."

He remains unconscious in the intensive care unit. We’re told he used a lot of blood during his surgeries and will need more.

Stankovoich says, "What we’re recovering today is earmarked for Kyle but also to replenish the back stock that Miller Keystone’s been using."

If you didn’t donate today, you can still give blood in honor of Frable all this month. Just go to any of the Miller Keystone Blood Centers with the Group ID 8911.

Koehler says, "People should not be afraid to donate blood, it’s fairly painless and it’s such a needed thing to do. I understand the blood banks are really in need of blood."

You can also help Frable by donating money for his medical bills at Go Fund by searching “Please Help Injured Volunteer Firefighter." Sending prayers for his recovery in Monroe County, Nicole Walters, News13.