More and more people need help with necessary repairs to their homes as inflation continues. A nonprofit has the volunteers to do the work but not enough experienced supervisors to ensure it gets done correctly.

Work looks a lot different today for the Process Engineering Team at Sanofi in Swiftwater.

Engineering Manager Josh Hellwig says, "We sit at desks a lot so its great to get out and do some manual labor too."

The nine employees volunteered to help Monroe County Habitat for Humanity complete a Home Preservation Project.

Hellwig says, "We’re doing some team building, you know trying to bring our team together, grow closer but it’s important for us too to give back to the community."

They’re replacing windows and repairing a deck for a Tobyhanna homeowner who partnered with the nonprofit. He calls them a lifesaver.

Homeowner Anthony Johnson says, "Anybody that needs Habitat should really go and investigate and work done. Work is very hard and materials are very expensive and Habitat is a great help."

But in order to help more people like Johnson, Habitat is in desperate need of job supervisors.

Monroe County Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Dr. Kelly Kemmerer says, "We’re looking for skilled, whether they’re contractors and they want to volunteer with us just one day a year or its somebody who’s retired and they’re looking for something to do and they want to teach others the skills that they have. We need these people on board with us."

They currently have 15 homeowners on their waitlist for someone to fill the role of instructing, monitoring safety and ensuring all work is completed correctly and as planned. If you’re interested, just contact Monroe County Habitat for Humanity.