A group of Monroe County students are invited for a film screening celebrating Black History Month.

February is Black History Month.

And some East Stroudsburg South High School students are seeing just how far we’ve come on the big screen.

Pocono Cinema in East Stroudsburg is helping to bring textbooks to life today.

25 students from East Stroudsburg South High School were invited to celebrate Black History Month with a movie.

11th Grader Alexandra Peccerelli says, "This movie in particular like it has a lot of African culture embedded into the movie and a lot of African American influencers, actors and actresses."

12th Grader Michael Patterson says, "Because the movie’s successful, it’s just another representation of how things are evolving and just being able to support it is an honor."

Most of the students are currently enrolled or recently completed a new class called Multicultural Perspectives.

Multicultural Perspectives Teacher Michael Healey says, "This is a class that looks through US History through a different mirror. Some of the voices that are left out in traditional textbooks are given their space and it really fills a lot of the gaps for so many of our students to get a fuller picture."

And they’ve learned more than ever before about the impactful strides black people have made breaking down barriers.

12th Grader Collin McAllister says, "What Martin Luther Ling Jr. did for us and Malcom X, just a couple examples of those. And Bill Russel for example, we get to know what they did behind the scenes to make sure that something’s being done for these people that their rights were being taken away from them."

Peccerelli says, "Nat Turner, he was a former slave and he got his own plantation and then he led a revolt."

The celebration will continue after the movie, the students will be treated to ice cream here at Jimmy’s on Crystal Street in East Stroudsburg. 

 Healey says, "We want our students to recognize that they just don’t go to school here, this is also a commonwealth and they should inhabit it and feel welcome everywhere."

Taking positive action is what Black History Month is all about and something the students are fully embracing.

Peccerelli says, "Mr. Healey the teacher, he gives us these great opportunities to go out to these kind of events and help out our community. We’re going to do a fundraiser for Turkey too, because of the earthquake."

Spreading awareness in East STroudsburg, Nicole Walters, News13.