The Monroe County District Attorney’s office sheds light on the Idaho murder suspect’s arrest after a search warrant is released.

We’re learning more about the investigation of the Chestnuthill Township man charged in the killings of four University of Idaho students. 

An unsealed search warrant reveals more about what police were looking for at Bryan Kohberger’s home and what they found on him when he was arrested in December.
It’s been two months since Bryan Kohberger was arrested at his parents home. Now for the first-time Monroe County officials are sharing what he was doing when police found him.
Monroe County First Assistant Michael Mancuso says, "Mr. Kohberger, as with any other criminal defendant, is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law so that remains the case. But certainly for the investigation and the interest of the investigators in building the case layer by layer, that was a significant find."
This search warrant confirms Bryan Kohberger was under police surveillance for several weeks before he was arrested. And officials believed he was in possession of items related to the murder of the four University of Idaho students. Police raided his family’s home within Indian Mountain Lake Estates in Chestnuthill Township on December 30th just before 1:30 in the morning. The warrant shows he had on him at the time:
  • A LARGE T-SHIRT (Arizona Jean Co.)
  • A LARGE BLACK SWEATSHIRT (Washington State Cougars)
  • A PAIR OF BLACK SOCKS (Under Amour)
  • BLACK SHORTS (Under Armour)
  • BLACK BOXERS (Under Armour)
Mancuso says, "Mr. Kohberger was found awake in the kitchen area dresssd in shorts and a shirt a wearing latex medical type gloves and apparently was taking his personal trash and putting it into a separate zip lock baggies."
Mancuso tells us that discovery cleared up another part of the investigation.
Mancuso says, "A trash pull that was done days before recovered DNA profiles but not from him, only from his family members."
State police say they were looking for anything that may shed light on the mental state of Kohberger or the victims, including drugs or medication. But we’re told these actions speak for themselves.
Mancuso says, "It could very explain some of the other aspects of the case from Idaho, some of the lengths that a person would go to to avoid having their DNA left behind when they know or should’ve known that there was an investigation underway."
As far as the other items, two could play a big role in court.
Mancuso says, "I would be keen on the shoes, the size of the shoes, comparison to any show impressions that might have been recovered at the scene that sort of thing."
But we’re told the cheek swab is key.
Mancuso says, "Something that they could compare to the DNA of I believe the snap button for the sheath of the knife."
The Monroe County District Attorneys Office continues to investigate Kohberger and they are in the process of sharing that information with the Idaho authorities. Officials tell us the search warrants related to Kohberger’s car and family’s home will be released tomorrow morning.