Monroe County’s nursing home is better equipped to help people have a quality life. It’s all thanks to a grant that renovated Pleasant Valley Manor’s Rehabilitation Department.
Robert Thomas is making big strides thanks to Pleasant Valley Manor’s Rehabilitation Department.
Thomas says, "I wouldn’t be able to walk at all if it wouldn’t have been for therapy."
When he arrived about eight months ago at the facility in Snydersville simply flexing his foot was impossible. Now he’s able to do that with weight added.
Thomas says, "I fell and I couldn’t walk. I guess I had what they call a foot drop, my foot would drag and I’d fall. Now I don’t even need the brace no more, I can walk."
That’s just one of the success stories the newly renovated physical therapy room is providing. Before the department was located in the basement and we’re told it wasn’t equipped to be very inspiring. That’s why Friends of Pleasant Valley Manor started fundraising.
Chairperson Linda Zak of Friends of Pleasant Valley Manor says, "We worked on getting a grant and fortunately the Hughes Foundation came through for us and we were able to move it upstairs to a bright area room and it’s all new equipment and it’s very cheerful."
We’re told the new equipment is a game changer. It can take someone’s life in a whole new direction.
Pleasant Valley Manor Rehab Director Wendy Echeverria says, "We’re able to take people farther than we ever were before. We’re getting people in better shape, stronger so that they can live quality life and enjoy."
The 65 thousand dollar grant also provided a second gym during the height of the pandemic.
Echeverria says, "So that we didn’t have cross-contamination. We were able to treat people on both floors. 
And the equipment isn’t just limited to people residing at the Manor. Short term as well as outpatient therapy is also available.
Echeverria says, "A new ADL room so that we could focus on getting people prepared to go home and do the things that they’re going to do at home."
The options are endless for those on the road to recovery in Monroe County, Nicole Walters, News13.