There’s a one-of-a-kind way to bond with family and friends in the Poconos. Plus you don’t have to lift a finger.  And it’s picturesque. News13’s Nicole Walters invites you to a luxury picnic in this Summer Fun Profile.

It’s not a mirage. But it could be your very own oasis. It’s a luxury picnic afterall.

Picturesque Luxury Picnics Owner Genamarie Rosado says, "Oh my gosh, this is for us? There’s always a really great response."

Rosado is behind the fancy tablecloths, cushions and flatware.

Rosado says, "You don’t have to do anything, I do everything from start to finish, all the coordination."

From wineries, to parks or any scenic spot— Picturesque Luxury Picnics is creating unique special occasions.

Rosado says, "The most popular are bachelorette parties, I get them all the time and then after that I would say our proposals. I do a lot of marriage proposals, birthdays, I do holidays, I do Halloween themes, even Christmas themes in the winter. I have a bubble tent that I use."

And memorable date nights. 

Rosado says, "You just come, you enjoy and it’s just a nice alternative."

And these picnics aren’t just bringing family and friends together, but highlighting other local businesses too.

 Gather & Graze Charcuterie Owner Alyssa Fay says, "They have the option to chose something from our menu and it’s picked or delivered the morning of your picnic and I think it’s a really nice experience to walk into this lovely setting and be greeted with an artisanal charcuterie board."

You have the option to add on food, desserts and even flowers from Rosado’s many partners.

Pocono Cookies Owner Amanda Madison says, "I actually create gourmet stuffed cookies. I have over 20 flavors that people can choose from."

Jennie Bea’s Flower Co. Owner Jennie Britten-Rohrbach says, "When you think of flowers, I think it just really adds this level of romance and a high-end experience."

Incorporating other people’s talents is part of what keeps Rosado inspired.

Rosado says, "I really like event planning, I like designing and I like working with people in my community."

Redefining your vision of picnics in Monroe County, Nicole Walters, News13.