Monroe County Habitat for Humanity is in need of volunteer site supervisor. It's a call for skilled help. News13’s Nicole Walters followed one on the job today in Gilbert to show what it entails in this report.

Joe Steo is used to shining a light on things like insulation as the owner of Easy Street Home Inspections. But today he gets to go past the examination and see to the repairs. Steo is volunteering with Monroe County Habitat for Humanity as a site supervisor.

Steo says, "To take a day off and just kind of do it, you know it makes you feel good. It helps the homeowners."

He along with the other volunteers are replacing insulation in a crawl space underneath a home in Gilbert.

Monroe County Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Kelly Kemmerer says, "The homeowner is so grateful that she’ll have lower heating costs this winter and she’ll be able to be warm in her home."

Some have it a little easier than others today.

Monroe County Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Drew Harris says, "I got the advantage here of working on the outside. So my job is just to cut the insulation into the right length and hand it off to the folks who are working underneath so they can staple it up."

While Steo is technically getting down and dirty, his job today is really just overseeing that the work gets done correctly by providing guidance.

Steo says, "You know, how to, don’t hurt yourself, that kind of thing. So make sure everyone is safe, everyone’s wearing, especially in this kind of case, we have our masks, our gloves on, our eye protection."

Habitat just started their fiscal year. They have 28 more home preservation projects that need site supervisors like Steo.

Kemmerer says, "We have a lot of volunteers that want to come out and help us that are unskilled, but we need skilled people. So that is definitely a hold up right now of getting these jobs done."

If you’d like to give back by filling the role of instructor, just contact Monroe County Habitat for Humanity.