Disabled veterans from our area got a chance to do some fly fishing today. It's something the nonprofit “Project Healing Waters” and the Stroudsburg Rotary have been doing for 7 years now... and as News 13's Ameenah Thompson tells us this year was no different.

"I'll do anything for a vet I mean those people sacrificed there lives so the three of us the four of us can stand here today and be free and enjoy life why wouldn't we do things for them" says Ray Starner.

Stacy Rodriguez says, "Stroudsburg's Rotary has prepared a barbecue slash picnic for the veterans the wounded veterans so we partnered up with project healing waters and they come out and they teach the veterans how to fly fish."

Stroudsburg rotary president Stacy Rodriguez tells us its rewarding knowing the veterans get so much out of this relaxing day.

Bernie Harbowski tells us, "Well, it great it great for the vets definitely I volunteer at the V-A and what I could do for them up there is just as good as what you could do here you know and they need it they need to get out."

Ted a peer specialist at the v-a tells us this is a time where vets get to decompress and enjoy time meeting new people while learning how to fly fish.

Ted Shudak says,"It's just peaceful being out here its a good thing to kind of let things settle in your head a little bit and you know get out here in the water and enjoy things."

Organizers say this outdoor activity teaches vets how to cope with physical and emotional challenges through the art of fly fishing..and has now become an even bigger program for vets all over the country.

Heide Marie Cebrick tells us, "It has turned into over 250 programs internationally and throughout the united states where volunteers take veterans out and teach them to fly fish."

With donations healing waters can offer veterans an even greater experience out on the water.

Cebrick says, "The do have many programs where they offer veterans who really enjoy fly fishing and offer them national trips."

"It's a great day they should have more days like this for the vets" says Harbowski.

Ameenah Thompson in Snydersville reporting for News 13.