An East Stroudsburg golf course has reopened after being closed for 3 years. The friends of terra greens golf course are leasing the course after months of disputes with the borough, News 13's Ameenah Thompson was at the ribbon cutting today and has more.

Terra Greens Golf Course directors say it's finally time to tee off.

"We had our ribbon cutting ceremony today we signed our lease on last Friday a week ago today and we have first players on the golf course this year."

Zukawski tells us it's been a long ride filled with obstacles, he says he's just so happy they made it to this moment.

"It's special to be here I mean its..its what my father my uncle's and my grandmother envisioned and it's nice to be back and to get it going again", Says Bryan Zukawski

He says there's so few golf courses in the area so he knew he needed to stay a course to get terra greens back open.

Bryan Zukawski says, "And just to have it back and be back its wonderful."

MaryAnn Zukawski says, "It's surreal it's I'm so happy not only for my son Bryan who was here all of his life this golf course was started when he was just born and he was here all the time with his dad he graduated from Penn State with agronomy so that he can be here working at the golf course.

I caught up with a golfer who shares in the history of terra greens too.

Tony Gizzo golfer says, Oh it's just this is great because I almost started out playing golf here and I know one of the founding owners and their family so got to see a lot of people I haven't seen in years and to play on this course again I'm glad they did it."

Golfers took to the course today for the first time in years.

Laura Mason-Caiaczo Former Golf Club Member, "I'm very excited for Terra Greens to be open again I was a member pretty much the last year that they closed the course and I had a lot of fun out here playing with friends and family so I'm very excited that they were able to open the course again."

MaryAnn Zukawski says, "I'm happy for the community because it is truly a beautiful well built golf course."

From now until the end of the year they'll be opening at 10 am with last tee off at 3 pm, the hopes are to stay open until thanksgiving weather permitting, Ameenah Thompson in East Stroudsburg for News 13.