Multiple trucks are pulled over on a Monroe County road well-known for rollover crashes.

Stroud Area Regional Police are cracking down on commercial trucks illegally traveling between Stroudsburg and Northampton County. Officers received complaints oversized loads are using Bangor Mountain Road which is a weight-restricted roadway.

Today News13’s Nicole Walters was there to witness the enforcement and has more in this report.

Truck after truck is stopped on Bangor Mountain Road in Stroud Township this morning and directed to pull into the Cherry Creek Hideaway parking lot.

Stroud Area Regional Police Lieutenant Michael Sampere says, "We’ve had multiple oversized loads crash on Bangor Mountain as recently as last month. So we came out to enforce the weight restrictions on this roadway."

Since Route 611 closed last December due to a rockfall, more commercial vehicles are taking the backroad between Monroe and Northampton Counties. We’re told it’s also the road to take if something happens on Interstate 80.

Sampere says, "GPS will direct people over through Portland or come over 611 and then 191 is their GPS rated route. The problem is the trucks use that GPS and it’s incorrect because it doesn’t provide them the weight restrictions. And that’s why the roads are posted for them not to travel this way."

Today police officers are making sure truck drivers know to look for those weight restriction signs which are clearly posted and that they’re compliant.

NGT Auto Express President Ilya Gorodetskiy says, "I think on this road it definitely makes sense. When I got up, at first it was a 12 percent downhill which is pretty crazy if you’re that heavy. I imagine it would cause some real trouble."

The car carrier and the box truck both weighed in under the 15 ton restriction but the pounds were close.

Unfortunately for the Winters Bros. truck, it was about 40 thousand overweight. And the driver is getting a citation.

Sampere says, "We’ll give him a route that he’s allowed to take to get out of here, that you know under our authority to get out to where he’s allowed to be."

Stroud Area Regional Police's Motor Carrier Enforcement will continue to be out on Bangor Mountain Road various times and days of the week. Two out of the five commercial trucks pulled over this morning in Stroud Township were overweight.