Last night's wind storm brings down trees and power lines across the region.

Several roads were blocked by the downed trees and branches, and thousands of power outages were reported.

And it caused a scary situation for one homeowner in Stroud Township.

Stroud Township Resident Joseph MacIntire says, "Brrrrrroooom, just like a jet engine trying to get off the ground and it looked the same way with the flames. It was scary."

This is what MacIntire is describing. He says the flames were six foot and continuously moving as each power line fell down in front of his home on Totts Gap Hill Road last night just before 10. 

MacIntire says, "The wind picked up and the next thing we know, the fires picked up all over the place. The tree was on fire, everything was burning."

Today MacIntire shows us the hole that burned through his driveway, along with the burn marks and wires in his mulch. This truck decoration was knocked off its hanger and was also burned through. But last night he wasn’t sure what was going to happen when the firefighters arrived and couldn’t do anything since the wires still had power.

Stroud Township Assistant Fire Chief David Smalley says, "With the tree, if it were to come engulfed that we would have a hazard with the home and the occupants in there because we weren’t able to access them very well. So it was a big concern, it was pretty violent."

The volunteers were on standby and had a plan for evacuation. While the homeowner says it took forever for Met Ed to respond, the Assistant Chief says the electric company was on the ball.

Smalley adds, "When you’re in storm mode and the amount of trees that were down last night, I think they responded pretty quickly and efficiently. We were able to give them details what was going on, they proactively shut the power grid down in that area."

SHutting the lines down remotely stopped the fire from burning in the tree. A Met Ed spokesperson tells us killing that power impacted 700 people but most of them were only without electricity for an hour. According to their outage map, the rest should be back on by eight tonight.

Workers on scene showed us where the wind caused a large tree to fall on the line above MacIntires’s home causing the multiple fires to ignite.

MacIntire says, "It was quite a thing. I’ve never been through anything like that before."