A veterans organization in Monroe County is hoping to be able to help more struggling servicemen and women with a new program. It’s called "Walk in Wednesday."

Disabled Navy Veteran Nicholas Spienza recently found himself going through a divorce and starting over with nothing.

Spienza says, "I found myself homeless basically for a majority of the entire summer, until I found myself into a shelter."

He and his girlfriend were then able to get a place to stay but didn’t have the means to furnish it for Spienza’s three children.

Spienza says, "They would’ve had nowhere to stay. It would’ve been really difficult to convince my ex to let them come."

That changed thanks to the Valor Clinic Foundation in Monroe County’s West End.

Spienza says, "Basically they had asked me to come down, see what they had and pick out some stuff and I did. And then they went the extra mile and even actually ordered some mattresses for my kids and some blankets and some comforters. It really really was just a blessing."

Spienza who picked out the furniture on a Wednesday, ended up sparking a new program here at Paul’s House in Jonas for other veterans to walk in for help.

Valor Clinic Founder Mark Baylis says, "We’re looking for opportunities to get more vets coming off the street furniture or food into their house that needed it or have more opportunities for them to get basic needs like clothing, hygiene items and things so we decided to open the house up on the third Wednesday of the month."

It’s called “Walk in Wednesday” in honor of the walk servicemen and women made for their country. We’re told the numbers of financially struggling veterans only continues to grow.

Baylis says, "Last year was 3,346 combined with all our programs. There’s some overlap there so some of the numbers repeat, that’s the total by program all together but that’s an historic high for us."

The program which requires proof of service starts March 20th from 9am to 4pm. And you just might see Spienza who’s now volunteering with the nonprofit.

Spienza says, "I think that what they’re doing is amazing and it’s helped my life, it’s touched me and my family and if I can do anything to give back to that, I would."

It’s a hand-up on the homefront in Monroe County.