Police throughout Monroe County are targeting aggressive drivers this month.

Stroud Area Regional Police monitored traffic today along Lower Main Street in Stroudsburg.

It's known as a raceway to police and a high volume crash area.

And today, News13’s Nicole Walters got to ride-along as vehicles were cited for speeding in Stroudsburg.

 "BEEP! That was at 42 miles per hour."

The sound of someone speeding and an officer is cued to go after that vehicle.

Stroud Area Regional Police set up the speed trap on Lower Main Street in Stroudsburg this morning.

"He has a box in there that registers the speed that’s coming from the ESP device that we have out here in the roadway, it’s two lasers so it’s a very accurate read of the speed."

Vehicle after vehicle is pulled over.

Shawnee Resident Garret Souper was surprised he was speeding at 42 miles per hour.

Super says, "I had no idea. I was kind of just going along with traffic."

The speed limit sign is clearly posted at 25 miles per hour but Lower Main Street is known to police as a racetrack.

Stroud Area Regional Police Lieutenant Michael Sampere says, "It’s a high volume crash area with the speeding as well. Many times we go down there and try to monitor speeding to slow things down and it’s an all day affair to do that."

That’s why today’s enforcement is part of their efforts to tackle aggressive driving. It’s all thanks to a grant through the National Highway Administration and PennDOT. The department along with all the others in Monroe County are on the lookout for violators as a way to bring awareness. 

Stroud Area Regional Police Captain Scott Raymond says, "Statistics show that through enforcement, through the issuance of traffic citations, we can reduce accidents and other aggressive driving behaviors."

And it seems the message to slow down was well received on Lower Main Street.

Super says, "I don’t know if my exact case is going to help everyone but I see everybody getting pulled over so I’m sure everybody is going to know about it."

Today’s coordinated effort is part of the aggressive driving program that runs for about a month in Monroe County.