The saying “cats have nine lives” is holding true for two in Monroe County. Now an animal shelter that took them in at their worst is hoping the rest of their lives are spent in a furever home.

Animals Can't Talk Rescue and Adoption Volunteer Toni Baraniuk says, "He’s doing ok. He doesn’t like his dressing changes. They do hurt. Burns hurt no matter if you burn yourself it hurts, it hurts him. He’s feeling pain."

This cat is now in good hands after suffering what’s believed to be third degree burns.

Baraniuk says, "I’ve been taking care of burns for 30 plus years, that’s what I did before I retired, I worked in a burn intensive care unit in New Jersey so this is what I would say is my specialty."

Baraniuk couldn’t help but step up to care for the cat after he was brought to the rescue “Animals Can’t Talk.” He wasn’t eating until the foster mom took who she fondly named Silvio home.

Baraniuk says, "He likes to pur. He’s purring."

The Animal Shelter received a call last week from a woman who found Silvio on the Interstate 80 entrance ramp near the Welcome Center in Delaware Water Gap. But didn’t know what happened to him.

Animals Can't Talk Founder Naomi Gauntlett says, "He has a huge burn on the whole side of him and there’s a lot of thoughts. Could it be from a car or a van? Or could it a child that did it? We just don’t know."

Gauntlett couldn’t turn away the estimated two-year-old or another cat brought to her in dire straits two weeks ago.

Gauntlett says, "It’s from a spot that they’re feeding and they saw her running around with a dead kitten hanging from her and they tried trapping and when they had success, they called me so I had them take it to Barton Heights, and all the kittens in her were dead also."

After all that’s what her mission is about, helping unwanted felines find good homes.  Gauntlett’s entire East Stroudsburg home is dedicated to the cause. Cats are everywhere you look. She currently has around 50. But when it comes to the two, they’ve been through so much, she’s just hoping someone fills out an adoption application on her website to provide them a nice quite home in Monroe County.