Don’t leave potential danger sitting around inside your home or garage.

The message comes from the Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority.

And they're offering you an easy way to properly dispose of your household hazardous waste in Stroud Township that won’t harm you or the environment.

"This is a flyer for our Household Hazardous Waste Program, Saturday, June 15th from 8-2 right here."

Ellen Chamberlin is happy to hear about the Household Hazardous Waste Program this month. She frequents the recycling drop-off center near the intersection of Military and Shafers Schoolhouse Roads in Stroud Township just about every week.

Chamberlin recently moved to Hamilton Township and wasn’t sure how to get rid of some of the stuff left behind because it can’t be thrown in the trash or a recycling bin.

Chamberlin says, "The gas cherry jugs are hazardous right there. The paint is something I just don’t need right now and they’re not full, they’re not half empty. And I’m not using that paint, 70’s colors."

Those items and others all pose potential danger sitting on your shelf collecting dust.

Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority Recycling Program Coordinator Salena Borsuk says, "Old gasoline, used motor oil, fertilizers, insecticides, antifreeze. Pets, you have curious children, sometimes they can get into things like that. They can react, cause fires."

And not disposing of them properly could be deadly.

Borsuk says, "I know someone was burning things on their property. I don’t know what they were burning but they actually did die from inhaling the smoke or the gases, whichever was produced."

That’s why the Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority is offering such an easy way to get rid of those items.

Borsuk says, "They just drive through, just like this person with their confirmation email."

In the future, participants will be able to pull into a structure being built at the center. Unfortunately the expansion project won’t be completed in time for the event, but you can see it’s well underway.

Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority Executive Director Mike Stettler says, "The folks can come in, drive-in, the company from DEP will be able to be set up inside and take care of everything out of the weather."

The around one million dollar project will also make way for other recycling options currently offered in Blakeslee.

Stettler says, "Electronics collections here, did one not too long ago, but we’ll be able to do it more frequently as the yard will be open more and we’re also looking to do a battery program so you can drop off batteries and potentially maybe ink jet cartridges and things like that."

If you’d like to participate in the June 15th Household Hazardous Waste Program just pre-register and pre-pay at There you will also find a list of all of the accepted materials in Monroe County.