A Monroe County borough is set to become a true historic destination.

The first historical plaque has been mounted at a staple business in Stroudsburg.

Now additional ones are in the works with the hope of attracting more visitors to the Downtown.

Signs welcoming you to Stroudsburg entice its rich history. But walking around, you just might miss out on some interesting facts.

Canfield's Pet and Farm Owner Bill Canfield says, "That’s a picture of 1940. Who the gentlemen in the front are, I have no idea who they are but that’s right where we’re standing."

The train stop was where the addition onto Canfield's Pet and Farm now stands. The train ran right through across Main Street.

East Stroudsburg Resident Laura Davis exclaims, "Here? Wow. Wow, I didn’t know that."

Davis knew the business was a staple in the area but today she’s learning a lot more about its roots.

Canfield says, "The original mill started about 1800s, late 1800s and then the railroad purchased it and the railroad owned it until 1923. My grandfather leased it off the railroad from 1923 to 33 when the railroad went out of business and he purchased it off the railroad."

Now in its third generation with Canfield's, the feed mill has gone through a lot of changes, including what’s for sale, to keep up with the area’s development.But you’ll still find animal feed readily available. The Owner is looking forward to handing the operation over to his son to keep the tradition going.

Canfield says, "What I got to thank is my customers, they keep us going for how many years. I’ve got my dad’s customers still coming in that he had back in the 70s and 80s."

That story and more is posted on an historical stone plaque right outside the store’s entrance for everyone to see. It’s Go Collaborate’s first of many to come. The goal is to attract more visitors by making Stroudsburg a true historic destination. The nonprofit is looking for people to contact them about existing buildings with family heritage.

Go Collaborative Creative Director Jim Evanisko says, "We are going to start going to some of the buildings that have been here and try to find the owner and try to get a back story for him or the previous family that did own the building and then we produce a stone plaque for them at no charge."

Davis says, "I’m a history buff and I like that."

Davis looks forward to taking the historic stroll through the town of Stroudsburg.