Pike County residents have to travel out of the area for medical services.

It’s been that way for a long time.

But economic leaders think it’s only a matter of time until a larger medical facility is built. 13s Nick Volturo reports.

Matt Osterberg labels the lack of medical services in Pike County disturbing.

“We are an underserved county as it turns out when it comes to doctor’s offices, urgent cares, and diagnostic centers.

The only Urgent care in the county closed down last summer. Leaving residents with very few options.

“They are driving to far side of the county, not even the county, but to other counties whether it’s Sussex, Wayne and Monroe County to get these services. “

Economic Leaders point out each person on average spends 11-thousand dollars a year on medical services.

“There are 56-thousand people in Pike County that is 600 million dollars that is being spent on the population here. “

But with limited options in the county, that money is being spent elsewhere.

“What we would be talking about is about a 200 million dollar hospital bill that is being spent outside of Pike County.”

Sullivan’s presented those numbers to some other hospital groups to show the areas untapped potential.

“You solicit that’s what you do and I can say with some confidence there is some great interest in the numbers that we have provided. “

And he’s confident it’s not a matter of if, but when an all-purpose medical facility will be built in the county.

“I would like to have a facility that has emergency medical services, diagnostic services and a few hospital beds as well.

Sullivan says the most realistic location for the facility will be along route 739 in DingmanTownship.