An animal shelter in Snydersville is debuting its new Cat Cottage after tragedy struck three years ago. Camp Papillon held a grand opening over the weekend and now they’re almost ready to welcome back their feline friends.
Scratching posts, window pillows… and cat trees are just some of the purr-fect amenities. Camp Papillon Animal Shelter volunteers have been working hard over the past seven months to transform the former Main House in Snydersville into the new Cat Cottage. And it can only be described as the cat’s meow.
Camp Papillon Board President Mebbie Van Orman says, "People have been dropping off cat trees and such for a long time and then we bought some of the stuff to put on. We wanted to make it very special so that when the cats came in, they feel like there’s a lot of things to do. We even have a tv up."
Climb… play… hide was the inspiration behind the two free-roaming rooms. Plus a little entertainment to keep them busy until their forever homes become available.
Van Orman says, "We have bird feeders outside the bay windows so that they can watch the birds. We’re going to put hummingbird feeders on the windows."

It also includes a special memorial for the 10 furry friends that they lost back in 2020, we’re told they’re finally back home. 

Camp Papillon Cat Cottage Co-Coordinator Sheila Aleman says, "They were everything. Anybody that worked at the Cat Cottage knew them, loved them, cared for them every single day. And when it happened, it was a huge huge devastating tragedy to us and so to bring them back home, it’s where they belong."
A fast-moving electrical fire destroyed the old building and their ability to rescue felines. Thanks to the community’s support they’re finally ready to start fresh.
Aleman says, "In the middle is where they are resting right now. The two paintings up on the wall are from a Girl Scout and the Girl Scout Troop donated them to us. The other painting is from a worker that used to work here and the other wooden one is from a volunteer."
They hope to start accepting new feline friends next week on a first come first serve basis by filling out an intake form on the shelter’s website. Cat lovers will also be welcome to drop by.
Van Orman says, "We have a book case with books, the kids can read to the cats, anyone who loves cats, come play, come stay, come work on your computer and keep them company."
It’s sure to a be a cat-tastic time in Hamilton Township, Nicole Walters, News13.