A church group visiting Monroe County this week is working with Habitat for Humanity. They’re spending their time fixing up homes for those in need.

Sharing the word of God comes in many different forms. For members of the Paoli United Methodist Church in Chester County it includes fixing up homes. 

Paoli United Methodist Church Member John Quillen says, "Our faith leads us here and we’re called to do good work."

It’s their second year staying at the Pocono Plateau Camp in Cresco just to spend four days volunteering with Monroe County Habitat for Humanity. But the church has been doing this type of mission trip for the past 35 years.

Quillen says, "It’s as important to connect with the homeowners as it is to do the work. We want to do good work but we also want to be a ministry to the people that we meet and share with them why we’re here."

Today the Home Preservation Project includes repairing a deck, insulating windows and electrical work. 

Quillen says, "I feel like I’ve been blessed with some skills and I just appreciate the opportunity to share them and use them for the benefit of others."

Thanks to the church group, this is one of many projects the nonprofit is getting done this week that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

Monroe County Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Dr. Kelly Kemmerer says, "It would’ve taken us a lot longer to get these projects done if it wasn’t for these volunteers. We probably would’ve finished maybe one a week but we’re finishing four to five so it’s setting us up where we’re now able to accept more applications for Home Preservation."

And it means everything to the homeowners, today’s Long Pond resident couldn’t even use her stairs and tells us her prayers have been answered.

Homeowner Josephine Sinno says, "I know I wouldn’t have been able to do it. So this is a blessing from the Lord Jesus that everybody is here. Thank you.

Helping hands both skilled and unskilled are needed at Monroe County Habitat for Humanity.