They say you should do one thing that scares you at least one time and News 13's Ameenah Thompson did just that, as she jumped out of a plane for this week's summer fun idea.

George there's many ways to see the Poconos but ten thousand feet up may be the best way yet.

Co-Owner at Pegasus Skydive Center says "It's super easy a lot of people call us actually and they say hey what kind of training do I have to do it's actually super simple as you may have seen you come here we tell you exactly what to do you're instructors there to do everything for you in case you forget everything that you forgot that you were supposed to do its relatively safe ish we like to say the equipment has come a long way since the 80's or so when they invented Tandem parachuting."

Hatz says, "And it not even the 5-6 minutes you're in the sky but the 20 minute plane ride that you're just riding around the Poconos just taking in the views in just amazing around here."

Hatz tells us they go up to ten thousand feet in the air or where ever air traffic allows them to be.

Hatz says, "Actually a couple times while you guys were in the air a couple big airlines passed by but we're all sharing the sky."

They say the best thing to do is listen to your instructor, especially if you want great shots.

Hayley Priester videographer tells us, "About keeping that chin up and keeping that smile big and remember if you don't remember anything they say as long as you're smiling and looking at the camera and having fun your videos are going to come out great."

She says the reactions from past jumpers is always life changing and rewarding for her.

Priester says, "They're so nervous a lot of times like how you were very quiet in the plane just kind of looking around assessing and that moment when they jump out and you see them completely let go and be in the moment its unreal."

I feel like I made the best decision.

Priester tells us, "You feel like you actually get to connect with people that moment that they let go and realize it's just me out here in this big sky enjoying my peace so I love it."

I'm Ameenah Thompson with Pegasus Sky Dive Center in Chestnuthill township, for NEWS 13.